Make: Sea Fox
Model: 200(Viper)

Additional information

Materials: 9oz. per lin. yd., 100% polyester, 5 yr. warranty Available Colors: Navy, or Black 9oz. per lin. yd., 100% polyester, 5 yr. warranty Available Colors: Grey 8oz. per lin. yd., 100% polyester, 4 yr. warranty Available Colors: Navy or Black Both our 8oz. and 9 oz. fabrics are solution dyed, 100% polyester and are extremely breathable. In solution dyed fabrics, the color is introduced into the polyester while in its solution state. This allows the color to run evenly throughout the diameter of the fiber so it will not rub off or bleed onto the boat. The polyester material is lightweight, does not stretch and hardly fades in color over the life of the material. *The warranty listed is the fabric warranty; please see our warranty page for more details on your products’ entire warranty.


Please watch the video below for installation instructions!


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  • *Materials

    *Fabric & Colors

  • Cover Option

    Boat Option

    You have selected "Sea Pen" as your storage option. Please call our office at 843-760-6101 to place your order.

    Our covers are not designed for In Water use. Selecting this option is acknowledging that you will have to take the cover to a local canvas shop for modification and will void your warranty. We recommend our Center Console Curtains as a solution for In Water storage.

    Key West Style Top is not exclusive to Key West Boats.

    Aft Support Bars

    Does your t-top have aft support bars?

    Motor Option

    Bow Option

    There is a variety of different style trolling motors. For this reason, trolling motor patterns are not available. You must remove trolling motor for cover to fit.

    *I will remove trolling motor selection will be filled

    Additional Option

    You have selected Powerpoles as an option. Measurements are needed in order to process your order. Please click the link below, fill in the measurements and send back to design@laporteproducts.com in order to fully process your order.
    Powerpole SOP.pdf
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