LaPorte Cares: Helping Create Opportunity for Women in Africa

Togo, Africa

In many ways, we at LaPorte’s Products are more about our employees, customers, and the people we come in contact with every day than we are about the product. It is the people that make us want to design and create the best products because they deserve to have the best. What does “the best” look like? It is unmatched product quality, handcrafted by quality people who truly care about their work and each individual end user.

Not only are we about people, but we are about maintaining the proper perspective. We strive to ensure that we are always keeping the bigger picture in mind, keeping our eyes and our minds fixed on not only how we can make the best product, but how we can have the greatest impact on our customers, our community, and beyond.

We recently got the chance to partner with a local non-profit, Francis + Benedict, who help women and children in Togo, Africa build and maintain a sustainable life. They do this through the art of sewing, which happens to be a passion of ours as well. On April 1st, 2019 we had the great honor and privilege of receiving a visit from Pastor Francis, who spoke to us about the work he’s been doing in Togo and the incredible impact he’s been able to have on the people there.

We also had the very exciting opportunity of having two members of our T-Top team, Madison and Kirsten, assist designer Lynn of Francis + Benedict in designing and sewing three beautiful, custom skirts for this year’s Charleston Fashion Week! Madison said of the experience, “The opportunity that LaPorte’s Products opened up for me with a group like Francis + Benedict for the Charleston Fashion Week was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Working with F+B showed me how it’s possible to make a difference with the things you know, the talents you have, and you can do it no matter where you’re at in life.” Continue to the bottom of this post to see photos from this incredible event.

Getting connected with Francis + Benedict has allowed us to make a difference in the lives of seamstresses across the globe by donating sewing machines and in turn enabling them to hire, train, and empower more women to have a better quality of life. Their mission is to “give hope to the hopeless” and create a better environment for the women and children in Africa, who far too often end up impoverished and living on the streets. We fully believe that it is our duty and responsibility to stand up and help where help is needed, and we are so grateful to Francis + Benedict for giving us an opportunity to do that.

Thank you, to our T-Top family, for choosing us and helping us partner with people across the world who have similar dreams and talents. It is because of YOU that we can do the things we do, and we are so excited to have you along with us on this journey.

Check out more on Francis + Benedict and the impact they are making at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all that’s going on here at LaPorte’s Products.

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    It is Friday afternoon 2:14 PM central time 1 March. I called but your outgoing voicemail said you were closed. I left a voicemail regarding a cover for a 21 foot Boston Whaler Outrage. I attempted to order the cover online, but you do not list the year of my boat, and there were other specifications that required clarification. Please give me a call back at your earliest convenience.
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